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Custom made Furniture for your home - eco-friendly

As a response to the increase in concern for environmental issues, here at Furniture Reflections we are proud to have introduced a number of products to our Eco-friendly range.

Eco-friendly furniture uses only recycled hypo allergenic leather, and all timbers come from sustainable forests.

Hypo allergenic leather

Recycled leather is hypo allergenic, and whilst giving the same comfort and style can actually add durability as there are no hairline scars or blisters that could burst open under pressure.

Every year over one billion animals are killed for their skins (leather hides) to satisfy the demand for leather. Although from food consumption there is a natural by-product of leather, the introduction of recycled leather could save the lives of many millions of animals each year.

Sustainable forests

All raw materials and all energy are provided by our environment. We are currently using up our natural resources at a much faster rate than the Earth can replace them. Without definite and direct action we will quite simply run out. A sustainable forest is carefully managed so that as trees are felled they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees - therefore the forest is constantly renewed.

Products included in the eco-friendly range

Our eco-friendly range includes a number of leather sofas, and most of our flat pack furniture. Wherever you see our 'eco-friendly symbol', you can be sure that that product has done it's bit for the environment.